Founded in 2000 in Shanghai, Design 333 is a multifaceted design company- from architectural design, landscape design, and interior design to interior construction, soft furnishing, and project management.

Design333’s founder and Design Director, MILDRED I. LEE, who graduated from Yale architecture with a masters degree, has over 35 years of experience in architecture and interior design. In addition to her responsibilities as Design Director, Ms. Lee is involved throughout the entire process of the project- from the schematic design to the completion of each of her projects. She participates in all aspects of the project and practices a hands-on approach to project management. This keeps the work personal and directed, and brings the best of the firm’s collective knowledge and experience to each client. Mildred believes that “The task of Architecture is to design for the whole human experience, the body and the mind as a totality of senses and existence”. When we employ minimal designs and natural materials to creating a serene ambiance, our job not only includes instigating a sense of tastefulness from the interior, but also includes taking into consideration the comfort each piece of furniture brings to the clients. As architects, our calling is to create a cozy and exuberant environment with every project.

The Design 333 team is a group of innovative and creative professionals who come from fields of architecture, design, construction and many more. Under Ms. Lee’s mentorship, we practice the philosophy of aesthetics; the application of minimalistic designs and classic ratios ensures the most contemporary yet timeless projects. Facing larger-scale projects, the design team members strive to incorporate their own understandings of the larger-scale projects in their lives; facing smaller-scale projects, such as apartments, restaurants, and townhouses, the design team aims to accumulate more experience by using different materials, researching unconventional furniture designs, and applying novel construction methods. All of these seemingly trivial details in designing, as a matter of fact, brings more attention to us. Our design process is enriched by perceiving these details through an avant-garde lens and combining different fields of knowledge and experience through rigorous research. The Design 333 team has our own construction team to ensure that the quality of our projects fulfill the needs and requests of our clients, and to ensure that all deadlines are met.

Design 333 holds the most austere attitude towards every project, it shows not only reverence for the client’s requests, but also respect for our own design firm. “Bring design closer to life” is Design 333’s philosophy for design- we hope to include all clients in the design procedure to experience the continuous growth and development throughout the process of designing. At the same time, we not only want clients to stay involved throughout the process, we also want them to motivate and inspire us to work towards a common goal.

Design 333 has always been at the frontier of architectural design and construction engineering industry, winning national areas of expertise’s award for the highest honor, interviewing with professional media and magazines. Since the beginning of the firm, Design 333 has landed projects as famous as the co-developer’s club house, other high-end residential houses, and private homes in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Taiyuan, Henan, and many other provinces. To us, every project is not only a chance to connect humans and nature, but also an important step in elevating our professional levels.